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San Francisco Institute for Weight Loss
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by Anonymous on San Francisco Institute for Weight Loss
 I look good, I feel even better...

Since having an ESG procedure done by Dr. Rabinda Watson-I have lost 46 lbs. in four months.  I look good, I feel even better, my self-esteem is up, and I have a lot more energy!  I continue to move every day and am feeling inspired to continue to make better food choices.  Since my procedure, my life has changed for the better.  I don’t need my C-Pap machine, my cholesterol is down considerably, and I am no longer pre-diabetic.  Two years prior to my ESG procedure I had terrible intestinal issues which made me miss a lot of work and outside activities.  Since my procedure, I have not had any intestinal issues and can plan things without having to cancel last minute.  I continue to work closely with a dietitian, and see my Doctor regularly.  In fact, on my last Doctor visit, my Physician said, this is the healthiest you’ve been in quite some time.  It’s great to hear my Doctor, friends, co-workers, and family praise my continued life choices.  My dealings with Dr. Watson and his amazingly helpful staff have been beyond great!  Dr. Watson and staff have gone above and beyond to make my experience exceptional.

Best of all...there are NO SCARS, and recovery was fast.

Thank you, Dr. Watson and staff, for helping me, be a better version of me!

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