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San Francisco Institute for Weight Loss
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by Anonymous on San Francisco Institute for Weight Loss
Feels like a sustainable tool for weight loss.

In December of 2020, I elected to have an Endoscopic Sleeve Gastroplasty (ESG) procedure with Dr. Rabindra Watson to assist with my weight loss goals. Dr Watson and his staff were professional, knowledgeable, and responsive, and I had a positive experience with everything leading up to, during, and after the procedure.

Upon recovering from the procedure, I experienced a sensation of tightness in the stomach and fullness after eating. Just over four months have passed since then, and I am still experiencing a strong sensation of fullness. I am now able to eat a reasonable amount of food at meals without overeating or having seconds.

By having the ESG procedure, closely following Dr. Watson's post-procedural instructions, eating moderately, and staying active by biking or walking 5-7 days per week, I have experienced consistent weight loss each week. In total, I have lost 32 pounds in approximately four months and am only 4 more pounds away from my goal weight.

My cholesterol has improved significantly, dropping from the top of the “borderline high” range to the very low end of the normal or very near “optimal” range. It has significantly lowered my cholesterol and improved my health.

What I appreciate most about the ESG procedure is that it feels like a sustainable tool for weight loss. With the diets and weight loss plans I had tried in the past, it often felt like I could regain the weight at any moment, and I do not feel that way any longer.

by H.M. on San Francisco Institute for Weight Loss

My experience with the Endoscopic Bariatric Revision procedure has been great! I had a gastric bypass performed in 2004 but had recently put on a large amount of weight due to knee problems. I had both knees replaced previously and needed help in getting the weight off quickly to reduce my knee pain. I've lost 50 pounds already and the pain in my left knee has gone away.

Dr. Watson and staff are awesome, from start to finish, they couldn't have done more to improve my experience and they followed up with me every step of the way

by L.M. on San Francisco Institute for Weight Loss

Honestly, I had a great experience when I had my Endoscopic Sleeve Gastroplasty. Everything I needed to know was explained to me both before and after the procedure and they also provided me with written information to take home. Everything went well.

The process took so much stress off me and I didn't have to worry about or experience the side effects I had read about with some surgical bariatric procedures.

I've lost 11 inches around my waist, gone down several pant sizes, and am looking forward to losing more.

by F.A, ESG patient on San Francisco Institute for Weight Loss

Overall, my experience with the ESG procedure was great. For me it was completely painless, with a quick recovery period. I was very clear on what to do post-procedure, based on the information I was given.

I lost 20 pounds quickly and it reduced my appetite, giving me the ability to eat less. After over a year, I am still eating much smaller portions. The ESG procedure has helped me to positively change my relationship with food and I am less fixated on where my next meal will come from and what I will eat.

I would absolutely recommend the procedure to family and friends as a less invasive weight loss option.

by Anonymous on San Francisco Institute for Weight Loss
 I look good, I feel even better...

Since having an ESG procedure done by Dr. Rabinda Watson-I have lost 46 lbs. in four months.  I look good, I feel even better, my self-esteem is up, and I have a lot more energy!  I continue to move every day and am feeling inspired to continue to make better food choices.  Since my procedure, my life has changed for the better.  I don’t need my C-Pap machine, my cholesterol is down considerably, and I am no longer pre-diabetic.  Two years prior to my ESG procedure I had terrible intestinal issues which made me miss a lot of work and outside activities.  Since my procedure, I have not had any intestinal issues and can plan things without having to cancel last minute.  I continue to work closely with a dietitian, and see my Doctor regularly.  In fact, on my last Doctor visit, my Physician said, this is the healthiest you’ve been in quite some time.  It’s great to hear my Doctor, friends, co-workers, and family praise my continued life choices.  My dealings with Dr. Watson and his amazingly helpful staff have been beyond great!  Dr. Watson and staff have gone above and beyond to make my experience exceptional.

Best of all...there are NO SCARS, and recovery was fast.

Thank you, Dr. Watson and staff, for helping me, be a better version of me!

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